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At Southern Airspace, we understand that the housing crisis in London is not just a challenge; it's a pressing societal issue that affects individuals, families, and communities at their core. Scarce affordable housing options, overcrowded temporary accommodations, and soaring costs put immense strain on those in need. Our commitment to unlocking the untapped airspace above existing properties is driven by the urgency of this crisis. We're not just building structures; we're restoring hope, dignity, and security for countless Londoners. It's about reshaping the city's future, alleviating the housing burden, and ensuring that everyone has a place to call home. Southern Airspace is dedicated to facing this challenge head-on, because we believe in creating a brighter, more inclusive London for all.

London City Skyline

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Our Developments

At Southern Airspace, we have a passion for transforming London's skyline through innovative rooftop developments. With a keen eye for architectural excellence and a commitment to sustainable practices, we've become synonymous with cutting-edge rooftop projects in the heart of the city.

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Why Southern Airspace?

We redefine London's skyline with sustainable, community-centric rooftop developments that blend architectural innovation with a commitment to a brighter, more vibrant urban future. Saving you money and space.

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Our Partners

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We provide you with extra housing by adding to floors to existing buildings.

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With Over 25 Years

With over 25 years of experience, we have built 100's of units. Our wealth of experience has seen us provide BSI accredited work across a wide number of projects.



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At Southern Airspace, trust is at the heart of our mission. We've built a reputation as your dependable partner in airspace development, grounded in our core values of transparency, integrity, and gratitude. With our team's industry knowledge and a commitment.

Our Promise

Being BSI Accredited and passionate about what we do, all our clients will gain reassurance from receiving the best treatment and solutions for them. All our units are done with the highest of standards.